Friday, November 11, 2011

Zuhair Murad - Paris Couture Fashion Week Fall/Winter 2011-12

In the dial-up internet and slower computers days... I stumbled across one of Zuhair Murad's wedding dresses and FELL IN LOVE! I stayed up all night patiently waiting minutes for each picture to load just so I could keep dreaming. It's been about 10 years since then yet my love affair with Zuhair Murad has only grown! He definitely would have to be my most loved designer! 

'la Muraille de Soi' is the name of Zuhair Murad's latest collection for Fall/Winter 2011-12. Once again the Lebanese designer stunned the crowd with his beautiful and extravagant outfits. His new collection incorporated gorgeous flowy and silky materials with sequence, rhinestones and glittery detail - his trademark. Yet, I could pick up some new influences. The most common is the bow that defines the waistline.
He created some sexy sheer outfits using sheer materials combined with velvet, glitter and sequences.

Metallic shine is another characteristic present. Zuhair managed to give the impression of fluid metal to these wonderful dresses

Satin and silk were two other beautiful materials incorporated into this collection

The Japanese culture was a strong influence on this collection. The outfits are inspired by Japanese kimono's and Zuhair used representative colours like red and black. I could also see some beautiful details and patterns representing cherry trees and bamboo leafs. 

Last but not least you can see the amazing attention to detail on these extravagant dresses using screaming colours and daring cuts.

Check out the link to view the collection... ah so dreamy!

The makeup:
Skin is kept fresh and dewy looking - very natural. A good foundation to get this effect would be Georgio Armani Luminous Silk Foundation. Not much contouring is present to keep the look more youthful and soft. The eyes have it in this look. A nice rich sultry brown smoky eye with definition around the lashline(darker brown/black no lines just smoke). Good eye shadows to achieve this look would be MAC Mulch, Twinks, Embark or any other brown on the lid. Shroom as a inner cornor and brow highlight and Teddy eyeliner smoked out completely on the lower and upper lash line. In some of the girls I can see black definition so you can add some carbon on top of the liner but make sure you blend , blend, blend! Pop on some black lengthening mascara and eyes are done. Lips are kept very neutral so give MAC's Velvet teddy or Touch lipsticks a go. Keep the Brows soft and fill in lightly with shadow and steer away from harsh angles or pencil. If you must powder just do it lightly on your nose and under your eye/cheek area only.

Here's a link to Backstage Hair & Makeup...

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