Monday, November 28, 2011

Get JLo's glowy skin: Scott Barnes Body Bling

What is it?
Scott Barnes is a celebrity makeup artist with a client list to drool over. He has made up the faces of Beyonce, Kate Hudson, Kim Kardashian, Gwenyth Paltrow, and Celine Dion. Barnes is most known for being Jennifer Lopez’s makeup artist for over 11 years, and he is solely responsible for her signature “glow.” Lucky for us, Scott Barnes has created a shimmering body moisturizer to gives everyone the opportunity to look sunkissed and red carpet ready like the stars!

Keri Hilson Wearing Body Bling at the Grammy’s 

 Why is it Amazing?

I have been testing out Body Bling on myself and I'm in love with it! There are two different colors you can buy; Original, which gives your skin a gorgeous bronzed glow or Platinum, which gives off a lighter, champagne colored glow. Platinum is perfect for fair skin because it doesn't apply color, just a natural golden shimmer. I can’t decide which one I like more! Up close and in sunlight, the product is very shimmery but step back, and the shimmer blurs, making your skin literally look like it is “lit from within.” Bonus: It also evens out small imperfections.

I also love how it translates on camera!! I've had my  friends ask me if I had done anything to my skin because they loved the “healthy, glowy, already photoshopped” effect. I love that Body Bling rubs effortlessly into your skin without leaving unattractive streaks all over your body. It also has great staying power, I still had some on even after I showered! This product is also versatile. You can wear it at the beach when you want to add a little sexy to your suit, or rub some on before a date so you sparkle in low level lighting of your favourite restaurant.

Bottom line: Love this product!! It will definitely be a staple in my kit and is my new summer love! 

Love & Peace Xx

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