Wednesday, January 18, 2012

Fashion Trend: Stacking Jewellery

Whether it’s bands of silver and gold, woven strips, rhinestones, leather and beads, or studs - piling on an assortment of texture and sparkle is a definite trendsetting look you really can’t get wrong.

It's all about creativity, mixing'n'matching and using what you have! Old bracelets, costume, novelty and a variety of thick and thin are the key to a fabulously stacked arm - which means you can draw on whatever you have in your jewellery box and make it current!

I am obsessed with this trend at the moment so read more to see some amazing combo's

Now to ensure you stay as chic and fashionably charming as possible - there are a few tricks of the trade to insure perfection: 

*  Make sure your nails are perfectly polished. In a dark moody hue or a lolly bright pop! 
*  Stack your bracelets in and around a chunky, man style watch. Business casual. All over it.
*  Try beginning and ending your stack with the same sized bracelet - think of them like book ends - tying the whole look together!
*  Think thick and thin and textured.
*  It's a bold look that rests perfectly when stacked only on ONE arm!
*  To keep your look polished, pick a basic color scheme for your bracelets -- think complimentary colors and similar tones 
*  Add some sparkle. A diamante bracelet or high polished sterling silver bangle ought to do the trick. 
*  Carry a clutch. Or rest your woven-clad wrist on a structured shoulder bag. 
*  Wear heels. A dress. Lace. Anything feminine. The juxtaposition between dressy and casual is stunning!

This is definitely a way of bejeweling yourself that can be worn both day or night... For day, this technique of tossing on a variety of textures and colours will update any casual look - bringing it to the front of fashion and uber on trend! And if your worried about overdoing this bold look... start simply by pairing your everyday watch with a few thin bangles of similar tones (all silver for example) and then add one last bracelet into the mix which is vibrant in colour to give the stack that little extra something! 

At night time, amp up your ensemble by opting for BLING... add some serious shine to your wrist via staking sparkles! A few rhinestone encrusted bracelets will do the trick as would a highly polished sterling silver bangle - swapping out the woven friendship bracelets or beaded bands for sheeker, more elegant pieces.

This trend is one for those wanting to stay current, yet still show their individuality through the wide array of bracelets and styles available. I am absolutely loving this trend! 

Hopefully you now have a few ideas to get started!

Much Love & Peace Xx

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