Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Photo's Of The Week!

As promised 5 weeks ago... here are the pictures for the Wani Spring/Summer photoshoot. The makeup was bold, artistic and very daring! It definitely demands attention and the results were just amazing! The designer had some inspiration pictures that I took from and changed colours, shapes and tweaked it considerably to make it unique and fresh! The colours were very earthy and warm toned. Brows were kept very natural & soft and were barely filled in. 2012 trends of strong blush, bold orange lips & strong mod eye can be seen considerably. 

Read on to see the amazing pictures.. 

There are 5 edited pictures and all the rest are raw images that are untouched..

The first look was super artistic.. It was a strong purple and green smokey eye that extended up to the temple. Thick long fake lashes we added to the bottom lashline and the eyes were rimmed with black gel liner.. Lips were kept a pink-peach toned nude and the skin had to be flawless... I had to do a lot of contouring on every look as the model had an extreme round face.. 


The next look is a rich dark purple based burgundy lip with a soft smokey eye.. Again strong contouring was done to shape the face and skin was flawless. The star of the look was the sexy lip! This was my modern take on rockabilly makeup.


The next look was one of my favs! It was a look inspired by Napoleon for Alex Perry. I wanted a cleaner more feminine finish to the look. The double liner is very oriental along with the colours I chose. Red and green are very complementary. Red is a very hard colour to use especially on eyes.. their is a fine line when using red as it can look bruised and very unappealing.. yet the green gave it a freshness and the look was amazing! The rest of the face was kept flawless with a matte mauve nude lip colour and strong contouring.


The fourth look showcases the bold cheek trend! I applied blush all the way to the temples of the face and near the outer corners of the eyes. I wanted bold eyes and lips that would match the peachy blush. The eyes were kept soft to match the rest of the face. No harsh lines, just gorgeous smoke.. Strong contour was still done around the jawline to slim the face. Lips were a gorgeous coral orange colour. This is how to create harmony amongst chaos! Here is how to get the look: 


The last look was a gorgeous  modern spin on a 1960's mod look! Keeping with the orange-coral lip, I decided to do a strong eye that was very feline and feminine! I love this look. It is important to keep the base flawless so that all the attention goes to the eyes and lip.. so you are drawing attention to the centre of the face.. To get the look check this post.. 


Here are some Behind the scene pics:

   In the process.. eyes done, now finishing off the face..

Hope you all have a fantastic day/night wherever you are in this beautiful world!!

"The future belongs to those who believe in the beauty of their dreams."

Much Love & Peace Xx

All pictures are Copyright protected

Makeup Artist: Fatima Memedoski
Designer: www.wanni.com.au
Photographer: Dario Gardiman
Model: Danielle Chiu

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