Monday, December 19, 2011

Photoshoot Of The Week: Day 3

We had another early morning start to finish off the Spring/Summer 2012 collection. I was sad that it was coming to an end.. Once again makeup was kept uniform with only some tweeks in lip and cheek colour. The face again, doll like and very porcelain. The lips went from burnt brown/peach to tangerine through the shoot. Hair was the biggest change.. A very high voluminous bun that was kept very slick, feminine, elegant and elongated the already extremely tall models! 

Here are the raw photos I clicked today...

  Veronica with hair complete and just finishing touches needed for makeup

 Rosie all finished and relaxing before we leave to another outdoors location

 In between location.. Rosie looking so angelic!

 Veronica looking fierce and amazing as always

 My favourite shot! So Audrey Hepburn... Love it!

Rosie & I just before we leave to go on location :)

Get the Look: Makeup

Base: Chanel Pro Lumière foundation & RCMA Foundation
               Napoleon Auto Pilot Primer 

Eyes: MAC Bare Canvas
               MAC Brule eyeshadow on lid
               MAC Soft brown eyeshadow in crease
               MAC Espresso eyeshadow to deepen crease & bottom lashline
               MAC Mystery & Carbon eyeshadow Outer V
               MAC Mystery eyeshadow mixed with mixing medium to eyeline
               Inglot cream eyeliner in waterline
               Diorshow Mascara
               Glam Lashes

Cheeks: Napoleon Peach/brown blusher 
                     NARS Laguna to lightly contou
                     MAC Pearl CCB to highlight

Lips: MAC Cherish, Jazzed, Freckletone & Jubilee Lipstick, Prrr Lipglass & Spice Lipliner

Get the Look: Hair

1. Brush through hair and put it in a high ponytail making sure there are no kinks in the hair. 

2. Get some wax and warm it up in your palms and slick through the base of your head. So not on the ponytail hair, just around your forehead line, crown and base. Make sure it is clean and smooth then spray with hairspray to have extra hold. 

3. Back-comb your ponytail section and then spread it in a bun shape with your fingers. 

4. Grab 4cm sections and with your index and thumb roll up the hair pulling hair underneath and once you get to the base of ponytail, pin it through the hollow hole and secure it to your head. This may take a few tries but just think of rolling downwards and using both your hands index and thumb fingers to mould the shape. 

5. Continue this process until you have made a bun. Try not to lose the volume, so keep it loose and you can always use the end of a rat tail comb to give it some more volume and shape.  

6. Lightly spray all over to set. 

Now you to can look fashionable with this simple yet elegant updo!

Wishing you all a great day/night and be sure to check out tomorrows post! It should not be missed!!

Much Love & Peace Xx


  1. You are really reallly beautiful! Wow! amazing! You are just so flawless! Can you do more posts with you in it please and you makeup!!!

  2. <3 <3 <3

    Love your work, lady :) xx

  3. Love you! You are such an amazing model! Absolutely gorgeous inside & out! <3