Tuesday, December 20, 2011

AMAZING Editorial Photoshoot

This was such a fun shoot to do! I created three looks..  The first was a strong black eyeliner which was the base that I worked off. All the looks were done on the spot with no inspiration pictures. It was all touch and go. I worked extremely fast, usually I am more prepared and delicate with lines and much more perfect.. yet this look was like art.. very fast, creative and just an unbelievable experience for myself. 

Read on to see the raw pictures I clicked from my phone... unfortunately its very bad quality
1st look: 

Base was kept the same through the looks. Strong contour, strong extended cat eye and eyebrows that I brushed concealer through to make them look lighter and fury for texture. The lips were very gooey with blue glitter mixed with black to create a charcoal lip. I used wax to give the hair texture and lift and a very deranged look..

2nd Look 

As I only had very quick changeovers I had to just work with the first look I created and add to it.  For this look I added Green, Orange, Purple eyeshadows and extended the shape. I also added black around the inner corner near the nose to create dimension and a feline shape. I changed the eyebrows and drew flicks upwards to create a soft animal like feel. Lips were nude with just lip liner and clear gloss. I used a a roller to shape the swirl in the hair which helped to give it hold. I also added a necklace that had the same shades of orange and turquoise to her forehead which gave it so much character.. It was amazing.. These pics just don't show the way it looked due to poor quality :(

3rd Look  

This was the final look. I decided to add a very shimmery burgundy/copper based colour mainly on the forehead to create a burnt golden high shine effect. I also popped some on the high point of the cheekbones. Eyes were kept the same, and I just exaggerated the brow a bit more. I wanted a scar line to run through the brow and it looked brilliant!! Lips were changed to a rich burnt plum colour with a satin finish. I absolutely loved the last look it was just phenomenal in person and in the pics taken by the photographer!

Look in progress.. Lips not changed yet

Overall it was just an unbelievable photoshoot.. The professional shots are mind boggling without any editing even! I enjoyed myself and Jess the model was just so much fun and was so full of life! I can't wait to show you the professional shot!

Hope you all enjoy it and have a brilliant day/night wherever you are in the world.. 

Much Love & Peace Xx


  1. This is just art!!! How do you do it? It reminds me of avatar in a away

  2. OMG you are incredible! this is amazing!!!

  3. hi! its jess from the photo shoot! keep looking at my pics on your blogspot! just love em! love em so much I paid big bucks to get a few prints from the day! Love the poncho photos....and agree with the others.......you achieved an avatar type of look! super suder duper! go fatima!

  4. Jess you were so much fun, so full of life and you have gorgeous features!! Im so glad you are happy with the result! I loved it! Def have to work with you in the future hun! XxXx Your so gorgeous that even with the most outrageous makeup you still look stunning!