Wednesday, March 14, 2012

MAC Chenman Collection: Spring 2012

A collaboration with Chinese fashion photographer Chen Man, this release is all wet! — as in colors for eyes, faces and cheeks that are inspired by water. It comes out in Australia next Monday!! Make sure you get your hands on the lipstick and gloss! AMAZING! I have not stopped wearing it!!! 

Read more to see close up, swatches and the range! 

 MAC Mineralize Eye Shadow Duo Love Cycle, Pink Union

Mineralize Eye Shadow in Supersweet

Mineralize Eye Shadow Duos in Love Cycle, Supersweet and Pink Union

MAC Play It Proper Beauty Powder

Pigment in Naval Blue (left) and Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue

Beauty Powder in Play It Proper, Reflects Glitter in Reflects Blue and Pigment in Naval Blue

 Lipstick in Force of Love (left) and Lipglass in Force of Love (right)

Lipstick in Force of Love (left) and Lipglass in Force of Love (right)

MAC Breezy Blue

The items I am really impressed with are the Mineralize Eye Shadows, Force Of Love Lipstick & Lipglass and Breezy Blue Nail Lacquer. If there was any one thing I would recommend you to get it would be Force Of Love Lipstick, hands down! Force Of Love Lipstick is in a word: AMAZING! I do not know how they can keep putting out new pink lipsticks that are new colours, but they do and I love it. This is a warm honeysuckle pink and is creamy and opaque. L.O.V.E. I have bought 4 lipsticks and 2 glosses to stock up before they run out! As I will be going on a EU tour for summer, these shades will look amazing with my swimwear (will do a show and tell of what I have bought!)

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